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I've learned about my own power to face any experience and how to access my inner knowing and resilience.
(Abi M, Client)

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Somatic Coaching and Workshops
for Couples and Individuals

Welcome to my site. I'm an experienced and certified Coach and Counselor specialising in Relationships, Career, Stress Management and Trauma work. I work with individuals and couples.

I help my clients to reclaim their life energy, heal trauma, find their purpose in life and create and live a fulfilling relationship.

In my work, I carefully combine classical methods of the East like Yoga and Meditation with current Western methods like 'Client-Centered Therapy', 'Mindfulness', 'Clean Coaching', 'Strategic Interventions (IS)' and neurophysiological concepts like
'Somatic Experiencing®'.

How do Somatic Experiencing® and Somatic Coaching work?

In order to change, people need to become aware of their sensations and the way that their bodies interact with the world around them. Physical self-awareness is the first step.

(Bessel A. van der Kolk)

Clients explore their world beyond cognitive understanding and implement powerful and sustainable changes on a deep level.

Somatic Experiencing
® and Somatic Coaching focuses on and works with the nervous system. Clients don't need a theoretical understanding to achieve significant changes in their relationships, in their career or in their whole life.

Blockages disappear, creating access to creativity, connection, fulfilling relationships, increased self-esteem and life energy.


Take a moment and think about situations where "invisible brakes" inside keep you from living your passion and the relationship that you want. And now imagine, that you will wake up tomorrow morning - and all those invisible brakes are gone.
What is your life like now?

Clients love my calm presence and my capacity to create a safe space; this helps them to build trust and deepen into their personal journey.

Topics for Somatic Coaching and Somatic Experiencing®:

  • Relationship/Intimacy
  • Career/Relationship Balance
  • Purpose in life
  • Coping with stress/Burnout
  • Traumatic Experiences/PTSD

I offer face-to-face consultations in English and German in
Lewes and Forest Row (East Sussex) or via Skype/Zoom for clients in the UK and worldwide.

Please call or send an e-mail for further information or to book a free 30-minute clarity session.
phone +44 7864 078140